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M82 002

On the 19/01/2014 we imaged the new supernova in m82 (the Cigar Galaxy) this was before the official discovery on the 22/01/2014 (we had not processed them until after the discovery). The following report was made to IAU Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams on the 22/01/2014:


''Host galaxy: M82 cigar galaxy

Magnitude estimate 12.2-12.5

Supernova is to the right of the galatic centre.


Observation date and time:

19th January 2014

20:39pm to 20:44pm GMT

Equipment specification

Newtonian Telescope with prime focus DSLR observation


8inch aperture 1000mm focal length (f/5)

Canon 550d un-modified. ISO800 @ 30secs (5x images between 20:39pm and 20:44pm)


We have 5x RAW camera files available for analysis of the supernova, JPEG are also available''.


© Sarah Hall & Colin Campbell