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Skywatcher 200p, with Synscan upgrade kit.

Our equipment:

We first started out with the hobby buying a Celestron 76EQ telescope at the start of 2013, a brilliant first Telescope. We managed to learn the basics of Astrophotography and how to connect the Canon camera to the scope. We got some great views and images of the Planets and larger Deep Sky objects. As tends to happen with this hobby we quickly wanted to see more! We purchased a Skywatcher 200P Newtonian Telescope with SynScan upgrade kit (8inch aperture 1000mm focal length (f/5)). This was a dream to use but took us a year or so to get used to using a larger GoTo system. Since buying the scope we have spent a good while trying our hand a guiding, we purchased an Orion 50mm mini guide scope and adapted a high spec CCTV camera! After rather a lot of nights trying to get it working we decided to buy a QHY5-II guide camera which has been amazing and works perfectly.


During 2014 we also purchased a couple of bargains on EBay, they were just too cheap to ignore! We added a Skywatcher 130P & a  Skywatcher Heritage-90 Maksutov-Cassegrain to our collection. These both came on motorised mounts and are great to grab and go, we tend to use these when we are travelling or when there is only a short clear spell!


Most Deep Sky photos on our site are taken using prime focus; DSLR observation with a Canon 550d (un-modified)

images stacked using Deep Sky Stacker (beta) & processing completed in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Some of the Planet images taken using the QHY5-II.


The below images are of our older set up with the CCTV guide camera, we shall update these when we next get the scope out!


© Sarah Hall & Colin Campbell